Senior Sports Update

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Senior Update We had a number of our students involved in a variety of sport activities during the December school break and early this term. A couple of our golfers, Rumbidzai Chisango and Tariro November, took part in a tri-nations tournament    (A little geography test for you!). Rumbidzai led the girls to first place, while the boys were placed …

Senior Department News

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One of the things we highlight at Heritage is that each of us, as we go through life and learning, has the opportunity to leave behind us a legacy, or a heritage. The question is put, “What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind? What will others see when you are no longer standing in front of them?”

Year Eight Induction

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The three-day Induction, hosted at Acacia House just before the school year began, was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, for prefects and Y8s to establish some relationship, and to receive some leadership and life skills training.

Interact Club

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Our Interact Club once again hosted what has become an annual Woman of the Moment event, involving motivational speakers from the business and other communities, a lot of set up and venue preparation (a big thank you to the Parent Committee for the hours and resources contributed!) and a lot of fun and personal preparation to look and feel good …

Headteacher’s News

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End of Term With only a few days left of term, the challenge to finish well is mounting! There is always a temptation to let things go and unravel a bit at the end of a long term but it is important that we endeavour to make the most of every opportunity, for learning, for family, for business, for life. …

Extra Curricular Activites

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Our Clubs continue to provide inspiration and opportunities for students to be engaged in a wide range of activities.  Mr Chiunye’s Science Club is exploring various realms, while Mr Mhandu launched the Table Tennis Club this term, starting with two boys, now supporting four boys and four girls. To date we have played a friendly with St George’s and gearing …

French Day

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Our French students, led by Mme Ngorora hosted an assembly and French dress day, which produced some very interesting outfits from teachers trying to blend into the student-body! Simon Allott Senior Department Headteacher Please use the form below to send me a personal message. Should you have any public comments in regard to this post please use the comment box …