Drop-in service

Hericrèche is unique in Zimbabwe as it is the only pre-school to offer a “Drop-in” service. This means you have the opportunity of choosing a drop of programme that suits you and your child’s needs.

Hericrèche currently offers the following services.

  • Termly (available to all classes)
  • Weekly (available to all classes)
  • Daily  (available to all classes)
  • Hourly (Only available for Crawlers)
  • Afternoon Care service (available to all classes)

To select a time that suits you and your child, simply select the opropriate button below and book your place.
All places are subject to availability and the number of places are shown on each calendar.

Crawlers Class

Wobblers Class

Toddlers Class

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F Manyanga

Fortune Manyanga

Hericrèche Headmistress

Our Classes

Crawlers – (1yr – 2yrs)
One class with a maximum of 12 children in the class with one qualified teacher and two assistants.

Wobblers (2yrs – 3yrs)
Two classes with a maximum of 20 children in each class with two qualified teacher and three assistants (shared).

Toddlers (3yrs – 4yrs)
Two classes with a maximum of 20 children in each class with two qualified teacher and two assistants.

The School day

  • 7:15am to 8:00am Drop-off time and Registration
  • 8:00am Lessons Begin
  • 12:30 pm Pick up time
  • 1:00 pm to 5:00pm Lunch and afternoon care (optional)

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