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Rose Mazire

CANA ZONE IV 2019 Swimming Championship, Namibia

Swimming Success in Namibia Vhenekai Dhemba Vhenekai has flown the Heritage flag very high on Sunday in the CANA Namibian Swimming Championships we are very proud of her. Her results were:

Senior Sports Update

Senior Update We had a number of our students involved in a variety of sport activities during the December school break and early this term. A couple of our golfers,

Examinations and Results

Later in the year our Y9 students will be sitting for the Cambridge Checkpoint English, Mathematics and Science assessments.

Senior Prefects 2019

We announced our prefects last year, but have delayed announcing the top offices until the induction this term.

Senior Department News

One of the things we highlight at Heritage is that each of us, as we go through life and learning, has the opportunity to leave behind us a legacy, or a heritage. The question is put, “What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind? What will others see when you are no longer standing in front of them?”

Year Eight Induction

The three-day Induction, hosted at Acacia House just before the school year began, was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, for prefects and Y8s to establish some relationship, and to receive some leadership and life skills training.

Welcome Back…

Greetings from the Head Teacher! We are well into the first term of a brand-new year and the staff and children in the Infant department are ready for a busy


Year 7 ICT after The ZIMSEC Examinations The BBC Microbits and bit bots have unlocked a whole new world for our students in the department. The Year 7 students are